At this point in American history, drivers have options – from natural gas trucks and vans to electric cars, and even scooters for that important “last mile.” Traditional gasoline is still an option and while it’s important to evolve, as a practical public policy matter, we must remain mindful of the national economy, quality of life, and other key considerations, even as we balance the need to protect our air quality.

On the commercial side, compressed natural gas is proving to be a particularly effective choice.  Beer distributors, package delivery companies, and waste haulers are turning to CNG vehicles. Electric car manufacturers are developing batteries that can go longer distances and cost less. Corn-based ethanol is competing with gasoline and the number of retailers selling E85 has grown.

Americans love choices and the market is providing them. The natural gas option is real and being used by many companies, municipalities, and school districts. While electric and hydrogen fuel cars may not be quite ready for the mass market, that day is not far off.  Alternative fuels are a bridge to the future.  Every fuel, including traditional gasoline, has an important role to play in getting us there.  Let’s work hard to develop and expand fuel choice, not restrict it.

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