Current and past members of the coalition include UPS, Beer Industry of Florida, Florida Natural Gas Association, U.S. Sugar, Lowe’s Home Improvement, JJ Taylor Companies, Champion Brands, TECO People’s Gas, Clean Energy, Cummings Westport, and Waste Management.

Our history includes advocating for cash incentives for the purchase of natural gas vehicles and conducting empirical research on alternative fuel vehicles.  Our data, widely circulated in the news media and state Capitol, indicated that Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) incentives could create over 10,000 jobs, $300 million in new wages, and $1 billion in economic output in that state over two decades.

Working in concert with our coalition partners, and using public opinion polling, research, lobbying, and media relations, we helped to secure $30 million in cash grants, of which approximately $24 million has been allocated.  Our coalition also helped to secure favorable tax treatment for natural gas fuels, resulting in significant savings to natural gas vehicle users.  We’re asking current and past members of the Florida NGV Coalition to help with a new round of funding to: 1) increase awareness of the benefits of natural gas vehicles in Florida, 2) secure the release of the last $6 million of funding, 3) urge the legislature to create additional NGV incentives, and 4) extend favorable tax treatment for natural gas vehicles.

We also commissioned a public opinion survey conducted by TelOpinion Research on February 7 – 12, 2013.  The survey found that 72% of Floridians approved of a proposal to help commercial fleet vehicles convert from traditional fuels to decrease U.S. reliance on imported oil, create jobs, and improve air quality.